You know that friend that you have that you could spend every moment with? That
shares all of the same passions, goals, and aspirations as you? That has been there for you through
thick and thin?  That you could SWEAR was your sister even though you don’t share the same
bloodline? Your Maid of Honor? There’s a cliché term for that, but it sums it all up in brief: best
Best friends since 2005, Courtney and I (I won’t refer to myself in the third
person, Stephanie) always shared a love of personal style, shopping, and
playing dress up in each others closets. We used to send each other pictures
of our outfits before high school in Madison, Alabama, and would prep our outfits together (days in advance) when we were roommates in college. So naturally we always dreamed of
living together in the big city with our designer closets and two dogs for the
rest of our lives. Low and behold, there was a different plan for us ‘bama girls. Courtney accepted an amazing job offer in New York City, and I
married my husband Jason and moved to California with him and our son, Jackson.
Being on opposite sides of the country was not something we had ever foreseen
in our fancy, improbable life plan.
Our resolution: launch the Darling Two. Our blog
is our home away from home, where we can fulfill our dream of being lifelong roommates in cyberspace. Darling Two is our exciting, creative outlet
which allows our style-savvy hearts to connect, and combine our personal style,
inspirations, and love of all things fashion.