Living Room Corner: Interior Design Concepts

I love interior design, but I have unfortunate expensive taste for my military-family-of-four budget. There are areas of my house that I still haven’t figured out what to do with. I’ve lived here for 3 years…so it’s time kick it in gear. I don’t have a ton of expendable income for decorating to get things exactly the way I want them. That alone makes things a little more difficult. So rather than going out and buying cheaper substitutes to temporarily fill the space, I just throw something there that I already have and wait until I’ve found the perfect piece. But thanks to the internet and places like Target and Home Goods, I can make my expensive visions come to life with a more realistic budget.


This corner is in our living room, and it’s pretty much the first place your eyes wander when you walk into the space from the front entryway. So the fact that I’ve not given it the love it needs after three years is definitely shameful. We had another wingback chair there originally, but we ended up needing it in the office (I’m sitting on it right now). Ideally, I want to make it a cozy corner that will create a tasteful focal point and really complete the space.

After talking with Courtney, we’ve decided that it needs some height. The ceilings are tall in the living room, so when she suggested a bookshelf I loved the idea. In order for that to work though the current wall situation will have to change. I want to move the mirror and photo frames to our wall going up the stairs. In replacement, I’ve chatted with another one of my best friends and she’s going to commission me two canvases for the wall. I can shift them to the left above the couch so the bookshelf will fit perfectly and add some depth to the room.

Then of course I’ll need a real chair, not that kitchen thing I have there currently. I’ve looked at several options and I’m keeping it neutral in a beige or grey since our sectional is a black leather. And I definitely need some foilage, so I’ve been looking at (faux) fiddle leaf figs, because I’ve read they’re hard to maintain and I’m terrible with live plants. I can barely keep a succulent alive. I think I could put it directly in the corner, next to the bookshelf with the chair on the opposite side. Where’s some home design software when I need it?!

Living Room Concept

Creating an interior design concept board to kind of get my ideas together was easier than I thought. Please tell me your thoughts! I think I can really mix and match a lot of these pieces either way. Although, I’m definitely leaning towards the white bookshelf instead of the steel. We also decided instead of having a side table next to the chair, I would just do a basket for blankets. I think with the bookshelf there won’t be a need for another surface, I don’t want it to be too crammed. I have to remember, it’s still a rather small corner. I’ve linked all the pieces as well if you’re interested in some of these pieces for yourself!

I also had another last minute thought, what if I did a floor lamp instead of the tree? Then I could put a smaller plant on a shelf or two of the bookshelf. Maybe that would create less chaos? I’m having a hard time envisioning everything together, so I think it’s going to be a piece by piece project. The lamp or tree will be the final piece to the puzzle!

Any input is appreciated, and if you’re really into interior design and hate everything I’ve come up with please feel free to voice your opinions. I’ll definitely keep you all updated with my progress. Have a great weekend, darlings!